Sleeping Beauties - Sleeping Beauties dives into the world of theatre, and the world of fairytales. It offers a glimpse behind the scenery, on the rehearsals of 'The Sleeping Beauties', written by Rob Alan Evans and produced by Sherman Cymru. The play takes a modern stance on the well-known Brothers Grimm classic and intertwines the contemporary with the traditional. 

Theatre is often regarded as an archaic medium in the time of multiplex cinemas and all-day TV, and so are fairytales. And yet, they still fascinate children and adults alike. Plays take you on escapes into strange, magical worlds. Theatre is also ephemeral: "Each performance is somewhat different from the night before... It's like life. It's here and then it's gone", André Gregory writes. For rarely longer than two hours, the actors and the audience become fragile, temporary communities; the most captivating moments are often gone with the blink of an eye, and still leave a lasting impression.

Sleeping Beauties seeks to express these extraordinary qualities of theatre and fairytales without forgetting the hard work that takes place beforehand in order to create the magic onstage: the rehearsals in which the actors themselves try to grow together as a team, and to comprehend the world they have got on their hands.

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